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Kind of spring

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Many types of spring, in order to meet a variety of different purposes, but will spring design into a variety of different shapes.
Zoe spring can be divided into four different applications: compression springs, stretching springs, torsion springs and special springs.
Zoe spring of different shapes can be divided
1, the linear spring (sire spring)
2, the plate spring (flat spring)
3, the special shape of the spring

First, the linear spring
Linear spring constant in a circular, square or other shapes made of metal wire, if made of a spiral, then known as the coil spring (helical spring).
Linear spring in accordance with different modes of action can be divided into:
A compression spring (compression spring)
Second, the tension spring (tension spring)
Third, the torsion spring (torsion spring)
Fourth, special spring

A compression spring
As shown for the compression spring. Compression spring is so widely used. The gap between the spring with a full lap, the gap can be reduced after compression, when the pressure disappears Shiyou restore the original length. In order to increase the contact area of ​​the spring, the spring ends often polished, compression head-end shape of the spring.
Compression spring

Second, the tension spring
Figure 5-3 shows the tension spring tension spring not pull as shown in Figure 5-3, the tension spring. Tension springs from the tension when each lap close together, by pulling it done. Tension springs weakest place is the biggest place linear change. Stretched shape of the spring ends, as shown in Figure 5-4.
Tension springs

Third, the torsion spring
1. spiral torsion spring
Also known as helical spiral torsion spring torsion spring. Most urging direction tangential direction along a spiral, loop body in the tangential direction to withstand four weeks, four weeks in a circle bear body torsional moment. Its more compact shape.
Widely used in daily necessities, the hub of the door, household goods, electrical products. As shown in Figure 5-5.
Helical torsion spring
2. scroll torsion spring (spiral torsion spring)
Volute scroll known as the torsion spring torsion spring. Such springs for clock volute scroll known as the torsion spring torsion spring this spring for stored energy to power the clock, for the motorcycle kick starter can be attributed to positioning. As shown in Figure 56.
Scroll torsion spring (spiral torsion spring)

Fourth, special spring
1. singlet spring (simple wire spring)
Singlet spring wire material is bent into the required shape, materials for spring lines. As shown in Figure 5-7.
Singlet spring (simple wire spring)
2. The annular spring (ring spring)
As shown in Figure 5-8. It takes advantage of the spring steel wire made of circles, which intersect at the interface of each bend a small circle to relax tightening force of the spring is usually used in the hose and pipe connections.
Annular spring (ring spring)

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